SFUSD Pathway to Teaching

SFUSD Pathway to Teaching is the first district-sponsored credentialing program. It is a cohort of aspiring educators focused on equity and achievement in the San Francisco classrooms where they are needed most. During a year of teaching, coaching and community-building, they learn to forge relationships in their schools and develop a rigorous, culturally relevant curriculum that will prepare students to live, thrive, and succeed in San Francisco and beyond. With the support of the district’s best training, you can be leading your own classroom—and earning your teaching credential along the way. 

San Francisco Teacher Residency

San Francisco Teacher Residency (SFTR) recruits talented individuals who aim to improve academic achievement and social-emotional development for historically underserved students in San Francisco’s public schools by preparing, and supporting highly effective and equity-centered teachers. Combining a year-long classroom apprenticeship with targeted master’s-level coursework, SFTR provides residents with the practical learning, hands-on experience, and ongoing support essential for successful careers in teaching. The residency leads to a teaching credential and a position in an SFUSD classroom. 

NYU Teacher Residency
in San Francisco

SFUSD has partnered with New York University Steinhardt’s School of Culture, Education, and Human Development to bring the Embedded Master of Arts in Teaching (EMAT) residency program to our middle schools. NYU Teacher Residency in San Francisc is an innovative master’s and teacher residency program to prepare talented and diverse teachers in English, social studies, math, and the sciences to be successful in reaching and teaching all students. Residents are placed in cohorts for their 1-year residency gradually taking on more responsibility in the classroom with intensive coaching and feedback from NYU’s expert faculty and a teaching mentor. This residency leads to a master’s degree, teaching credential and position in an SFUSD classroom.

Intern Program

The Intern Program allows an Intern Teacher to attend one of our partner universities and earn a credential while working as salaried classroom teachers. Intern Teachers receive program support, release time to observe effective teachers, and university supervision of their student teaching. 

Para-to-Teacher Program

The Para-to-Teacher Program's (PTTP) goal is to recruit and support SFUSD paraprofessionals to become credentialed, exemplary teachers in the district's high-need areas of special education, math, science and bilingual education. PTTP is a collaboration between SFUSD, the United Educators of San Francisco, partner universities and City College of San Francisco. PTTP has placed over 150 teachers in SFUSD classrooms.

Traditional Certification

Prospective teachers may apply to a university's teaching credential program to earn a Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist credential. 

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